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Lose weight without breaking the bank!

Wellina delivers everything
you need to succeed.

Krista lost 16 pounds*

Get your weight loss plan
with breakfasts, lunches,
dinners, snacks & shakes.

All for about $7 per day


We have one simple mission:

To help you accomplish your weight loss goals at an affordable price.

*Weight lost on prior program. Paid for appearance. Expect to lose avg 1-2 lbs per week.

FOOD COSTS ARE TOO HIGH and they’re only getting worse. By working with Nutrisystem, we “skip the store” and pass the savings to you. Just nutritious grab-and-go meals that are ready when you are!

WE DO THE WORK FOR YOU by delivering fully cooked food for super-simple weight loss. Just add some grocery essentials and we’ll provide the rest, including access to coaching.

Lose 5 pounds
your first week!

Results vary based on starting weight and program adherence.

Save 35%
on monthly food costs!*

Wellina meals are perfectly balanced with wholesome ingredients and essential nutrients to deliver healthier versions of all your favorites–the meatballs are a must!


Why do dishes? Just heat and eat.


Food is pre-cooked and never frozen.


Meal portions are just the right size.


Delivered for just $199.99 a month!

*Savings based on a July 2022 USDA report on monthly grocery expenditures and a 2020 Bureau of Labor Statistics report on monthly dining out costs ($683.98) vs the cost of Wellina plus grocery additions and eating out once a week ($447.68).

You get 95 meals,
Including Snacks & shakes

“This program is perfect
for anyone looking to
lose weight on a budget!”

Lost 16 pounds
real success story

Mac & Cheese with
Turkey Sausage

*Weight lost on prior program. Paid for appearance. Expect to lose avg 1-2 lbs per week.

Losing weight
shouldn’t cost
you a fortune!

Get everything you need to succeed.

  • Convenient meal delivery. Meals, snacks and high-protein shakes.
  • Ready to eat in just minutes. Enjoy meals at home or on-the-go.
  • Coaching Support. Connect with a weight loss coach for motivation.

Our 28-Day Plan

with food, tools and guides for worry-free weight loss


Sale Price:

Breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks

+ Plus 7 FREE shakes!

Learn how to
eat right so youNEVER HAVE

Fuel your goals
with real nutrition.
From real food!

We’re committed to providing
high-quality meals.

Everything we make starts with clean
ingredients. No artificial flavors. No artificial
sweeteners. Just nourishing food that’s good
for your body.

Now delivering dozens of crave-
worthy creations.

Here’s a tiny taste of what’s in our box:

  • Breakfasts like Blueberry Muffins
    & Biscotti Bites
  • Lunches like Cheesy Flatbread
    & Chicken Soup
  • Dinners like BBQ Chicken
    & Lasagna with Beef
  • Snacks like Cheese Puffs
    & Chocolate Cookies

“I tell all my
friends to try
it. For the
price, there’s
no better way
to eat right and
get healthy.”

Lost 50 pounds
real success story

Double Chocolate

*Weight lost on prior program. Paid for appearance. Expect to lose avg 1-2 lbs per week.

See how we stack up against the competition!

Wellina Optavia Bistro MD Slimfast
Meals For Under $50 Per Week
Real Food (Pizza, Muffins & More)
(Powdered Food) (Shakes & Bars)

*App scoring based on user ratings in Apple App Store as of
September, 2022.




Save yourself from rising food prices with affordable meals sent directly to you.

Questions? We have answers!

Auto-delivery is like putting your weight loss on auto-pilot. You’ll enjoy the convenience of getting a new Wellina box automatically sent to you every 28 days. Best of all, there are no charge-backs: Cancel any time, for any reason–whether you reach your goal weight or feel ready to eat healthy on your own!

For an even better deal, order 2 or 3 shipments at once. If you pay for multiple shipments today, food will still be sent to you one box at a time. At this low rate, you can enjoy a full day of Wellina food (1 breakfast, 1 lunch, 1 dinner and 1 snack) for about $7: Just add a few extra household groceries (like apples and carrots) for maximum flavor and variety.